Hormone Harmony

Do you ever feel like hormones are ruining or running your life? 

Whether they are your own or someone else’s … they just might be. How do you determine if life just really sucks, or if your hormones have you hijacked? Before you run out and ask for a little pill from your doctor or stare blankly at the wall of supplements at your local health food store, there are a few things you should know that may give you insight into how to make the best decisions for your unique hormonal health.  Hormones have a mind and personality of their own, and when they are all playing together nicely, they can sound (and feel) like a beautiful song.  But when one of them gets too loud or beats its own drum, the music can be terrible.  Let me introduce you to the band, and teach you how to get them to play together nicely...

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Andrea Telfer