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Let’s face it… our current healthcare model has failed us and getting answers for our total wellbeing has been harder than ever.

Many of us have sought out healing in the usual pathways and have just been left frustrated.

How do you sort through all the information and find out what is right for YOU?

We are here to help!

Getting to the ROOT of your unique health needs is our priority. And we do it as a TEAM.

Through the use of modern and advanced functional medicine techniques coupled with the ancient wisdom of energy medicine, primal nutrition,

yoga + acupuncture we seek to restore your total being: Mind, Body & Spirit.

Meet The Team

Andrea Telfer-Karbo, FNP

Functional Medicine seeks to identify the underlying causes of disease and disharmony in the body, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Every individual is unique - both genetically and chemically, as well as in beliefs, values and environmental inputs. Functional Medicine utilizes evidence-based, alternative approaches to whole-person health via lab testing, nutritional guidelines, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications.

Andrea also offers Advanced Allergy Therapeutics. A cutting edge electronic signaling system that can treat allergy symptoms with ease and efficiency.

Erin Sharman, ND

Naturopathic doctors engage a holistic approach to medicine; integrating nutritional and lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, and homeopathy to provide individualized patient-centered care while supporting each individual journey to regain utmost health and happiness.

Stephanie Telfer Lara, M.A.

Have you ever dealt with the same issues repeatedly? Despite your efforts and desire for change, you’ve been feeling stuck? Come work with Stephanie and learn to enhance your nervous system’s ability to support real change. Stephanie uses modalities such as energy medicine, tapping, soul coaching and intuitive coaching to help you resolve the deep reasons you may be finding yourself in the same habits.

Lauren Gauthier, M.A. & Ariel Welch, NTP

Here at The Remedy we know that lifestyle change is the cornerstone of healing. Our holistic nutritionists offer very comprehensive and supportive plans aimed at getting you feeling your best.

Not only does every Functional and Naturopathic Medicine visit come with a supportive nutrition visit, but starting your journey by working with our highly qualified nutrition practitioners will get you well fast and efficiently. More than eighty percent of most illnesses can be resolved with diet, lifestyle and supplemental support.

Our nutritionist are experts at nutrient repletion, weight loss, GI Health, blood sugar balance, adrenal health and more. In addition, they are also proficient in functional lab analysis. We are proud very proud of our excellent nutrition staff.

Jorge Intal, PhD

Community acupuncture has become a nationwide movement created to enhance access to acupuncture by removing the barrier of cost and time.

We think its super cool! And know you will not be disappointed in the profound healing effects that showing up for healing in a community setting can have.

During community acupuncture Dr. Intal is able to move from client to client where several tables and comfortable treatment spaces are set up. You will be surrounded by other people quietly receiving treatment all the while your full privacy is respected.

Dr. Intal also takes private appointments.

We believe in the power of community connection and the power of showing up.

We believe strongly that we must leave our screens and social media to be together and that this aspect of health might be THE MOST important. This is why we offer community yoga classes.

We also believe whole-heartedly in the power of yoga to provide a way to connect to yourself and others while rehabilitating your mind / body connection. The ancient teachings of yoga have thankfully made it to our Western lives. We offer yoga to our local community knowing it has the power to heal your mind, body and spirit. We hope to see you in class soon!

Community Events