Advanced Allergy Therapeutics

Andrea Telfer-Karbo, FNP

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  Hear what people are saying...

This allergy treatment has changed my life in one day! I received a 20 minute treatment, didn’t have to do or change anything and I was able to eat dairy for the first time in 22 years! I made two milkshakes, one in each hand, and sipped away with not the slightest of reactions!
I don’t have to think about anything containing a dairy product or my dairy restrictions any longer. This has changed me so much that I feel free from thinking about everything in a menu item & I get to enjoy all the free time my mind has not being busy thinking about ingredients & avoiding foods!

L. Robertson / Oakland, CA

All of my children suffered from different food allergies and an allergy to sugars. The behavior changes are REMARKABLE after treatment.
Not only are my babies happier but there are no more tummy aches! I loved this treatment because it really works and there was zero risk of injury or side effects to my babies. I got to find out the substances that were causing symptoms in my kids and then we treated all of them in a week!
Now we are symptom free and we are all happy.

the Rineheart Family / San Francisco, CA


What is AAT?

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics is a clinically proven treatment that is highly effective in relieving the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities. It is a therapeutic approach that evolved from over 20 years of collaborative research from health care professionals in the fields of acupuncture, naturopathy and chiropractic.

The treatment is painless and safe for all ages (including infants), and does not rely on the use of medications, herbal remedies or supplements.

AAT works directly with the relationship between the major organ systems and inappropriate reactions to harmless substances. While the immune system is responsible for initiating an immune reaction in the case of true allergies, it is the health and state of the organ systems that often determines the type of symptoms that may arise. With both sensitivities and allergies, symptoms typically stem from the organ system affected. For example, one patient may have a reaction to soybeans by breaking out in rashes, while another patient may react with sinus congestion, heartburn or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The symptoms in each of these cases represent a different organ system involved. By treating the organ system(s) involved in a reaction, the body is able to respond more appropriately.

During treatment, gentle pressure is used on points that correspond with the organ systems involved in a reaction. The degree of stress on the organ systems caused by an allergen or offending agent is proportional to the degree of the negative reaction. While the stimulation is applied, a subtle representation of the offending substance is introduced to the surface of the skin. The stimulation reduces the stress of the affected organ system, allowing for a more appropriate response.

How can AAT help me?

AAT treats a wide variety of symptoms - from general symptoms of inflammation, headache and fatigue, to dermatological reactions, and symptoms of the digestive and respiratory systems. If you have chronic allergies that haven't budged via other methods, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics may provide the answer you've been searching for! Treatment is efficient and non-invasive.

What should I expect?

During your Initial Appointment, the practitioner will take a detailed case history and discuss the reasons for your visit. The technology and each step of the treatment will be explained to you. You are welcome to bring past medical allergy test results (skin or blood test results) but these are not necessary for the assessment and treatment.

Treatment is non-invasive and you will remain fully clothed.

Please do not abstain from eating or drinking before your appointment.
We only ask that for two hours before your appointment you refrain from drinking coffee or alcohol, consuming processed sugar, or smoking.

***For the allergen family that is treated, you will be asked to avoid that substance for 2 hours following the treatment. For example, if you have a treatment for eggs, you will be asked to avoid eggs for 2 hours following the treatment. For this reason, it may be easier to eat before your appointment, especially for children. For a cat or dog treatment, you will have to avoid the animal treated for 2 hours following your appointment.***