Lauren Gauthier is a passionate wellness advocate and educator, functional nutritionist & bone broth company owner. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (rheumatoid arthritis) at a young age, Lauren has come to heal herself & manage her condition through a multitude of modalities, many of which inform her practice today. She works directly with individuals helping them to tap into their own healing potential through optimizing nutrition, effective and safe detoxification programs, mind-body awareness & stress reduction.

When it comes to working with individual’s Lauren embodies in the idea of bio-individuality. This is the notion that every body is different in chemical and genetic make-up and that each of our experiences have fabricated the colors of our lives, meaning that we each have a completely different set of needs- nutritionally and beyond. Lauren translates this into a truly customized approach when working with clients. 

By getting to the root cause of your health imbalance, we are able to apply specific tools & techniques that both address this root cause and bring the body back into balance. One of the ways Lauren does this is through Nutritional Response Testing (see description below).

Lauren holds a BS in Human Biology & Neuroscience from Miami University and an MA in Health Education & Holistic Nutrition. Lauren has completed several hundred hours in herbal studies and is in an on-going herbalism apprenticeship to deepen her spiritual connection to the seen and unseen. She has also completed E-RYT 300-hours in yoga & yoga philosophy, as well as 200-hours in Thai massage, lymphatic drainage, and mind-body movement therapy. Most recently, she has become a certified Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) practitioner. Lauren incorporates bits and pieces from all her experience into a unique healing treatment.

Outside of The Remedy, Lauren runs and operates an herbal inspired bone broth company called The Abrothacary. This came about because of Lauren’s awareness about the importance of our gastro-intestinal system. When we consume nutrient dense foods that enhance the functioning of the gut and feed beneficial bacteria, we inevitability set ourselves up for healing on a systemic level. All of The Abrothacary’s products are carried at The Remedy! 

Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a form of muscle testing that is a precise, scientific and non-invasive way of gaining information from the body as it relates to health and states of dis-ease. We are able to correct imbalances through restoring nutritional needs with food & supplements so the body can repair itself.

NRT analyzes different areas on the surface of the body (or dermatomes) that relate to the state of health and flow of energy in every organ and function of the body. This testing is done through the practitioners hand placement onto the body, while the other hand exerts a gentle pressure on the patient’s arm. Each area provides feedback to the patient and practitioner so that a plan of action, or protocol can be decided upon.

NRT can at first seem ‘strange’ or ‘woo-woo’, yet nearly every single patient who experiences NRT is able to feel areas of strength and weakness in their body and receives validation that they are on the right path. Lauren strongly suggests that it is worth a try!


Lauren is now accepting FREE 15 minute phone consults!

New Patient: $195

  • 75 minute Intake 

  • Deep dive into health history

  • Initial recommendations for supplements, herbs & dietary modifications

  • Customized diet, wellness & lifestyle plan that is completely centered around patients lifestyle and goals

  • Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) initial assessment 

Custom Packaging:

Back to Balance: $400

Perfect for the individual who ‘knows’ they need to implement changes, but is having a tough time maintaining. This is for the person who wants to implement sustainable changes & improvements to their health long-term. 

(2) 60 minute follow-ups

-Review of nutrition plan & progress

30 minute check-in

-Brief check-in

-Nutrition Response Testing 

Weekly email support with recipe suggestions based on plan

-Approximately 5-6 weeks of care

Ways to Wellness: $650

Perfect for the individual with chronic health conditions or regular flare-ups who does well working closely with a practitioner to monitor care and help to remove barriers to healing.

(3) 60 minute follow-ups

- Review of nutrition plans & progress

- Health coaching

- Nutrition Response Testing

(2) 30 minute check-ins

- Brief check-ins

- Nutrition Response Testing

Weekly email support with recipe suggestions based on place

-Approximately 10-12 weeks of care

A la Carte Care

Hourly rate: $165