Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from a visit with Andrea? And how is it different than seeing my regular doctor?

Your Initial Visit

First, be ready for a full and very complete history.  Sometimes questions are asked that may seem unrelated, but in the eyes of a Functional Medicine practitioner, everything is connected, and sometimes the root of the illness is hiding in unlikely places. You will fill out an extensive questionnaire in the patient portal before the visit to streamline and give Andrea a better understanding of your health state.

Andrea will typically complete a timeline from birth to present day that reflects the development of the individual mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This better helps us to understand what each the patient has gone through and is going through, where their challenges might lie, and most importantly, the main triggers.  (Note: This part of the visit is not included in the Health Optimization package, as that package is for patients without significant findings).

Patients will also receive a nutritional exam that will identify clues and signs that the body may be trying to tell us something is missing.  A nutritional exam can identify needs for digestive enzymes, fish oil, B vitamins, essential fats, and sometimes may include muscle testing.  Lab work is almost always ordered to support findings.  Recommended lab work may include but is not limited to blood tests, food allergies, stool testing, microbiology assessment, salivary or urine hormone tests and more.  If you have any form of insurance (Kaiser not included) the initial blood work is usually 100% covered by insurance.

You will leave with tailored recommendations based on the findings from your initial visit and you will be taught why these recommendations are being made. These recommendations will include nutrition (almost all patients are asked to do a 30 day nutritional reset plan based on Paleo principles), supplements unique to your needs, and lifestyle modifications such as exercise, sleep, mindfulness, books and more.

Follow up Visits

Once your lab work is complete you will return to learn more.  Your plan will be streamlined and personalized.  The first follow up visit is the case review and will be where the majority of your recommendations will be made.  There is a lot of teaching at this visit in order to enhance and motivate the patient’s understanding of how to heal completely.  This visit usually runs for 60 minutes, but with multiple findings and more extensive cases, please be prepared to schedule a longer appointment.

In Between Visit Support

Andrea offers a direct Patient Portal, accessible here.  You will have direct access to your labs, encounter summaries, secure messaging for questions, handouts and supporting documents.  Please note our patient portal is designed for basic yes or no questions, or a brief touching base. It is not designed for extensive care or acute care.

Current Patients:
How do I order my supplement refills?

Re-order supplements when you're getting low by visiting:

Enter the passcode 'remedy'.
You will be prompted to create an account and enter login information.

***Please note that supplements such as Megaspore, Lauricidin, and any supplements sold by Standard Process and Apex Energetics can NOT be ordered through this site, but may be ordered through the office and drop-shipped to your home.

Contact April (Office Manager) via the Patient Portal, phone or email to alert her of your refill needs.

How long will it take to feel better?

With complete and active participation in their plan, most patients notice a clearing with in 1-3 months. For those with significant levels of inflammation it can take longer. The most important thing to understand is that you will be healing yourself which requires your own active participation, commitment, and time. 

How much should I expect to spend on supplements and specialty labs?

All lab companies are different and range from the initial blood work, which is often covered by insurance, to anywhere around $400.  Specialty labs are not necessary to get started with Functional Medicine, but in many cases are highly recommended as finding the root cause is our primary concern.  Supplements range from $10 to $50 (per supplement) and this is very individual.  Most plans will recommend on average 4-5 supplements initially, unless there are extensive findings in which more could beneficial.  Supplementation is not forever, but just during the healing phase.  Andrea is very judicious about supplementation and there will be a thorough explanation as to why each supplement is recommended.  This is very important as the supplement industry has become a very daunting place to navigate.  Not all supplements are created equally and having this guidance will be life-changing.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, at this time, insurance does not reimburse appropriately for the amount of time and effort Functional Medicine requires.  However, since Andrea is a Family Nurse Practitioner she is eligible for reimbursement and you will be provided with a super-bill at each visit to submit to your insurance.  There is no way for us to tell if your insurance will cover our services due to the vast amount of plans and options out there.  Many of our patients do obtain partial and even full reimbursement. Our lab company, True Health, accepts all forms of insurance with the exception of Kaiser. However, we have a system in place to help keep the costs low on blood labs for Kaiser patients.  

Can my prescriptions be refilled and can Andrea be my Primary Care Provider?

Andrea does occasionally recommend pharmaceuticals and can fill these prescriptions.  If she feels your other prescriptions are necessary and part of your functional care plan she can also refill those after thorough discussion about their use.  Andrea DOES NOT act as a primary care provider (PCP).  It is of utmost importance that you have a PCP for emergencies and health care maintenance such as pap smears, mammograms and other preventative tests. Andrea will advise you as to which tests are needed and when to get them, but will not order these tests.  Andrea is not on call.