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Yoga + EFT for Teens: 6 Week Program

Yoga + EFT for Teens: 6 Week Program

Wednesdays: 9/4, 9/ 11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9

Time: 3:45pm-5:00pm

Investment: $149

With the rise of pressure, anxiety and depression at earlier ages it has become more crucial than ever to empower our young adults with tools and techniques to bring balance and harmony to their lives. In this class we are cultivating the most important relationship we will ever have...the one with ourselves!

This program is designed to help our teens to get back to feeling centered and grounded. Through the use of yoga we move our bodies and cultivate a moving meditation. We stretch, sweat and move to fun upbeat music, which is engaging and joyful. We will also dive into guided meditation, quieting the mind and body with restorative poses.

In addition, we will explore EFT (tapping) this process is a gentle yet highly effective technique that helps to calm the nervous system and rewire the brain by tapping along meridian end points. This tool helps calm the body and to encourage a new higher way of operating beyond our fight or flight primitive bodies.

We will also discuss many topics in each class such as the power of choice/thought, how to support ourselves when we aren't feeling our best, social media and so much more! In this program Stephanie will mentor your teen, helping them to feel loved, cared for and supported, embarking on tools to support them for the rest of their lives!

Stephanie Telfer-Lara is warmhearted and passionate about supporting our youth. She sees so many children at younger ages struggling with anxiety, overwhelm and depression. Stephanie created this series due to the fact that most of her life she dealt with anxiety. Along the way she has learned so much about health, wellness and healing. She often dreamed about how wonderful it would be to teach our young people NOW what took her years to learn. Stephanie is honored to do just that with her Yoga + EFT series. Stephanie completed her yoga teacher training in 2011. With a calling to learn more about the healing arts she pursued and completed her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology in 2015. She is also a mother of two boys, love the ocean and adores kids!

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