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Summer Yoga + EFT for Kids!

Summer Yoga & EFT for kids: 4 Week Program

Ages 5yrs-9yrs

Tuesday: July 25th, July 2nd, July 9th and July 16th

Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm

Investment: $75/session

In this program your child will learn both yoga and Emotional Freedom Technique! Yoga will be playful and age appropriate, helping them learn to quiet their minds and bodies along with feeling strong and confident.

In addition to yoga, we will be exploring Emotional Freedom Technique, a powerful tool to help calm the nervous system by tapping along meridian end points. Although this sounds complicated it really is quite simple and effective! EFT has been implemented in many schools across the country along with yoga and has produced astonishing results such as lessened anxiety, improved behavior and overall well!

Use this summer as a time to enrich your child’s life and help them to be prepared for another school year more relaxed and empowered with healing tools they can implement themselves!

This class is let by Stephanie Telfer-Lara a mother of two boys 5yrs & 9yrs. Stephanie is yoga certified and earned her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. One of her passions is working with kids and she is excited to impart all she knows about wellness and well being to our children.