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Tapping 101 *Free offering

You ask yourself, “Why can't I just get over it?!”

The "it" can be anything:

  • The overwhelm during the holiday season.

  • Panic attack that creeps up on you in the grocery store!

  • Revisiting your past more then you would like..

  • The migraine that leaves you in a dark room for days on end.

  • That nagging pain in your lower back.

  • You have health goals, but you always seem to get derailed.

  • and so much more!

We aren't referring to tap dancing, although the would be fun! We are talking about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a powerful tool to help change your brain chemistry.  EFT uses a gentle tapping along acupressure points while visualizing the issue to help rewire the brain!  Hint: part of the reasons you feel stuck is because your brain and body need an update (more on this later). Come update your system and learn how to tap for yourself! It’s time to move beyond limitation!

In this free class you will learn:

,The History of Tapping

The points and application

The common mistakes you can avoid

This class is taught by Stephanie Telfer MA. After receiving her Masters Degree is Spiritual Psychology and becoming sick in 2017, Stephanie became very passionate about the power of our healing energy systems, EFT and Energy Medicine. She is eager and excited to share with people her knowledge of healing.