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A Course in Miraculous Yoga

Erica Lee, along with thousands of others, have been moved by the transformational work of Yoga & A Course in Miracles. In this fusion class, the two are married to create a powerful embodiment of peace, ease and vitality in the body, mind and spirit.  Erica will offer groundbreaking reflections from The Course & Yoga Philosophy followed by asana (yogic poses) and meditation to make for a transformational day. With the holistic boost this series is designed to provide-you will feel empowered and activated to live your most miraculous life.  

A Course in Miracles is a program that works to dismantle a thought system based on fear and replace it instead with a thought system based on Love. It uses traditional Christian terms in psycho-therapeutic ways. It is not a religion; there is no doctrine or dogma. It is simply based on Universal Spiritual truths that are at the heart of all religious, spiritual and moral practices. 

The Course, with its inception in the early 70’s, has as its goal the attainment of inner peace. It is comprised of three books in one: the Text, a Workbook for Students, and a Manual for Teachers. In A Course in Miraculous Yoga Series we will highlight key teachings from The Course that will enrich us in practical ways to live happier, more harmonious & peaceful lives. This intellectual study will be coupled with embodiment through the asana (physical postures) of yoga to imbue a holistic transformation in our day to day experiences. 

About Erica:

Erica, like so many influenced by Yoga & A Course in Miracles, is a lifelong pupil of the mystical arts: practices that invite us into deeper experiences of connection and wonder. She is engaging, welcoming and charismatic.  Those around her are hard pressed to find a time when she doesn’t have a smile on her face. 

Erica teaches a fusion style of Yoga as influenced by Anusara, Prana Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Integrated Vinyasa, the work of Challenge Day and ACIM. She provides Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling with accreditation from California College of Ayurveda. Over the past decade Erica has worked with holistic modalities to help others better hear the guidance of their own hearts.  

“Erica is a healer, channeling empowerment of others through food, yoga and Spirituality.
Conscientiously prepared meals are not only physically delicious - they satisfy the soul. Focus on local, fresh, seasonal and harmonizing ingredients is primary. Her vivacious commitment to tailoring experience and growth to each client is unparalleled. Positive internal change is unavoidable after a meal, class or thoughtful conversation with Erica.”

-Amaryth Gass

“Erica is a sincere lover of people and that comes through in her ministry through in her heart opening yoga practices.”

-Mohini Summers

As The Course says, "there is nothing your holiness cannot do." Let's work some miracles!!!

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