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AromaDance is a beautiful way to free your mind, open your heart, and reconnect to your body. Dance to inspirational music while anointing your energy centers with a series of oils to open you to your inner radiance, joy, and creative flow.

We'll begin with an opening circle and stretch. Then, we'll begin by anointing our 1st chakra with intention and a question that you may dance out the answer to, after 10-12 minutes, the music will slow, and we will anoint our next chakra, again, with intention and a question. We'll move up the chakras every 10-12 minutes finishing at our 7th chakra, and going into a light activation (guided visualization). We will finish with a closing circle and you will leave feeling RADIANT! Expect to...

  • Move Energy through your body
  • Release stress and tension
  • Express creative energy flow
  • Inspire joy, peace and serenity
  • Lose your Monkey Mind and come fully into your Senses
  • Feel Clear and Blissful
  • Strengthen your Connection to Self as you Grow and Expand.

    Led by Tamara Gerlach, AromaDance creator and co-founder.
    Open to dancers 15 and older. Space is limited, so sign up today!
Earlier Event: February 21
Remedy Tuesday: AromaDance