Stephanie is compassionate, intuitive and nurturing. She has a natural ability to relate to people and make them feel comfortable. She is passionate about sharing the healing path with others because she knows it well from her own personal journey with anxiety.   

Stephanie received her master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica in 2015.  Upon graduating her interest turned to studying Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine, uncovering a deeper and more subtle level to healing. In her early journey into the healing arts, Stephanie became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2010 through Yoga Works.  She is also Reiki Certified and is an Illuminating Souls trained intuitive. Stephanie’s favorite things include gallivanting to the ocean to play in the waves, being with her family, hiking in the red woods, enjoying the farmers market on a sunny day, playing with her 2 boys and reading inspirational books!


IS eft coaching and mentorship for you?

The short answer is YES!

Stephanie calls upon tools she has learned studying Spiritual Psychology, Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  These processes will help you to remove stagnate thoughts and energy, providing more clarity and changing the way the brain processes the world.  Working with Stephanie, she will assist you in removing blocks and empower you with tools to be your own healer.

what is eft?

Tapping was discovered by Roger Callahan and later further streamlined by Gary Craig with, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). This process is designed to clear stressful life events, limiting beliefs and thoughts that may be restricting mental, behavioral and emotional function in an individual.

EFT is an innovative energy-oriented coaching and self-help technique based on the newly emerging field of Energy Psychology. EFT uses the ancient Chinese Meridian system with a gentle tapping procedure along the meridian end points, which is soothing to the Nervous System. While stimulating these points on the face and body and saying specific phrases and focusing on the issue at hand, the body begins to recieve a calming response. In doing so, EFT brings a state of peace to the body by reducing cortisol circulation and allows the brain to move from stress and chaos to a state of logic and reason. This process rewires the brain, allowing for higher levels of clarity and understanding.   EFT helps people to move beyond what they once thought was impossible.


Stephanie is now accepting FREE 15 minute phone consults!

New Client Intake (60 min) $150

Follow-Ups (45 min) - $120

4 Sessions (45 min each) - $400

Stephanie works with clients at The Remedy who are local. She is also available virtually via zoom for remote sessions.