First Class: FREE!
Drop-In Rate: $16/class
Class Packages: 5 for $75 or 10 for $130

September 2018 - Class Schedule.png

Class Descriptions




Remedy Flow:


A moderately-paced vinyasa class that links movement to breath, in a moving meditation. Expect to explore sun salutations and postures (asana) that produces sweat and invites deep relaxation all in one hour. This class will help you feel strong and leave you balanced and connected.


Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is a powerful practice of deep relaxation. The class begins with gentle yin postures, pranayama (concious breath work) followed by a 40 minute guided meditation in savasana. You will find yourself between wake and sleep, exploring the magic that exists between the two worlds. This class is geared toward deep healing and all are welcome!  



Restored by Candlelight:


A gentle and mellow class lead by the calming glow of candle light.  This class is designed to nourish the body, mind and spirit through  slow flowing movement and an internal focus.  This is the class to slow down and turn inward. Honor yourself with a nurturing and reflective class to prepare for the week ahead. 



The word “Hatha” is derived from the word sun and moon, suggesting harmony and balance between opposites. This class is thoughtful and deep and introspective.  Expect longer held poses, improved balance, flexibility and strength.



Stretch & Restore:


Easy like Sunday morning….

Begin with gentle movement and stretches specifically targeted to any area or conditions that are troubling you.  Expect to release tension wherever you need it most.  This class will close with a guided, restorative mediation – encouraging deep relaxation and stress relief for a peaceful close to your week.



Sunday Strong: Mobility Flow


Designed to deepen your understanding of how to navigate your body through this practice to keep yourself, safe, stable and mobile for the long-term.  Expect to find new layers of challenge in this slow-flow bases style incorporated with mobility work and integrating actions into each other in different ways. “slow” does NOT equate to “easy!” Look forward to building a sweat by challenging yourself in different and intricate ways! For those looking to take their begging practice to the next level!



Mat Pilates:


This traditional Mat-based Pilates class will allow you to re-connect with your deep internal core muscles. Expect to build strength and length, even enhance your posture.  The perfect combination of strength and flexibility training.