First Class: FREE!
Drop-In Rate: $16/class
Class Packages: 5 for $75 or 10 for $130

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Class Descriptions


A moderately-paced vinyasa class that links movement to breath, in a moving meditation. Expect to explore Sun Salutations and postures (asanas) that produces sweat and invites deep relaxation all in one hour! This well-rounded class will help you build strength and leave you balanced and connected. 


The word “Hatha” is derived from the Sanskrit words for sun (ha) and moon (tha), suggesting balance and harmony between opposites. This class is thoughtful and deep; quiet and introspective. It focuses on breath, alignment, and moving slowly yet powerfully through Sun Salutations and postures to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

Gentle Movement & Meditation

This class is created to relax and open the body in preparation for spending the hour moving inward. You will connect with the breathe  which will lead to a feeling of peace and deep relaxation.

Align & Flow

This full body morning class emphasizes alignment while using the breath to move from one pose into the next. Taught in the Hatha style, (ha) representing sun and (tha) representing moon, this class creates balance within the body while educating on the health benefits of each pose. Stretch, strengthen and sweat, then cool down with mindful stretching and a cozy savasana! 

stretch and restore 

Easy like Sunday morning...
Begin with gentle movements and stretches specifically targeted to any areas or conditions that are troubling you. Expect to release tension wherever you need it most. This class will close with a guided, restorative meditation - encouraging deep relaxation and stress relief for a peaceful close to your week.

(After you've been restored and rejuvenated, feel free to browse the year-round Farmers Market on Main Street!)

Mat Pilates 

This traditional Mat-based Pilates class will allow you to re-connect with your deep, internal core muscles.Expect to build strength and length, and even enhance your posture!The perfect combination of strength and flexibility training.