Natural First Aid Kit

Natural First Aid Kit 

the top 5 remedies to have at home

If you are anything at all like me, then you just might have a problem with excess accumulation of stuff.  That’s right, stuff.  Unfortunately remedies, even natural ones are included in this pathological condition.  Every time I open the cabinet to my “health” shelf something falls out and every time this happens I wonder, “is all of this necessary?”.  In order to make things a little simpler, I decided to narrow my cabinet down to the 5 remedies that I can’t live without….

Vitamin A

 Sometimes eating carrots isn’t enough!  Vitamin A is one of medicines most potent anti-virals and immune stimulators.  Vitamin A is great for all seasons from the wintertime sniffles to summer skin care.  

Activated Charcoal

 What a relief to find this remedy in your cabinet when it is needed!  Activated charcoal is renown for its use as an antidote for poisoning from most drugs and chemicals.  Acting to absorb toxins, it is also beneficial in food poisoning and diarrhea.  Topically charcoal can be used as a compress or poultice to help speed wound recovery, prevent infection and draw out poisons from insect bites.

 Arnica 30c

It is no wonder that Arnica is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies used worldwide.  An incredible resource for bumps, bruises, strains and sprains, Arnica is a “go to” after any kind of injury.  Known for its ability to decrease pain and healing times you’ll be reaching for this remedy before you know it!

 Apple cider vinegar

An all around remedy that is well known for its ability to increase your digestion (and therefore decrease gas and bloating)!  Apple cider vinegar is less well known for its astonishing ability to soothe and heal common household burns.  I haven’t found anything that works better than apple cider vinegar for minor kitchen burns! 


 Not in your typical first aid kit, magnesium comes to the aid of just about everything!  An essential mineral, magnesium is required for 300+ reactions in the body!  Magnesium is there for the rescue for difficulty sleeping, constipation, anxiety, muscle cramps, PMS and stress!  

By Dr. Erin Sharman