Will your New Year's Resolution Stick?

Happy New Year!

As we usher in another year with new possibilities and potential, our attention turns to the infamous New Year Resolution. You may find yourself calculating how to make 2017 the best year yet!

I think a fresh start for the New Year feels fantastic and is a great opportunity!

What I am not in favor of is making commitments to ourselves that our hearts don’t truly want to keep.  

Here’s the thing about New Year’s resolutions… It’s an exciting time and it feels like your new plan needs to be sparkly and BIG! We often feel compelled to a do a complete overhaul of our lives, come January 1st.  

If you’ve got the extra gusto this year, I will be the first one to encourage you to go for it! I’ll be the one waving the pompoms and shouting your name! I want to see the brightest version of you in the world because the world needs you big time. But first, answer this very important question for yourself:

 Where is my New Year’s Resolution coming from?

Is it from the ego self?

…that part of you that loves big, shiny things and sometimes subscribes to stuff you don’t really want or just cant possibly do at this time?

Or is it coming from your heart?

…that part of you that truly knows who you are, what you want, and also loves shiny things.

What does your heart want from 2017?

What the heart wants is often more subtle than what our ego selves desire.  It may be more like a whisper, easily overlooked and pushed aside.

Our hearts get used to being silenced…

But not this year!

This year I invite you to focus on what you really feel like calling into your life. What feels truthful and solid? This year you are asking the most important question before you do the big planning.

It may be simple because the heart likes easy. The heart is quiet and humble.  It is graceful and gentle. These are the things your outspoken ego will claim are too small for you (but they aren’t).

Some examples might be:

I want to walk in the rain
I want to find time to journal.
I want to rest, like really Rest….

Your heart may want to take elements of your life offof your plate vs adding more on.  It may want more breathing room.  That is a beautiful resolution!
I think I want to leave that committee I joined.
I want to STOP being so hard on myself.

Your heart may be RIPE for the big stuff too.  The heart has big dreams for you!

I am ready to start writing my book.
I am ready to go back to school.  I feel ready to learn!
I am ready to open my business.
I am ready for another baby.

With the bigger stuff, the heart will tell you it’s ready.  The ego will push you. The heart will guide you. The ego will guilt you.  The heart will feel abundant and the ego will feel limited.

How do you know if your New Year’s Resolution is coming from your ego or your heart?

Your Ego:
*Wants instant gratification.
*The plan feels like a ‘should’ or obligation or you feel like you’re being bullied into the commitment.
*The idea burns bright but fizzles quickly and you are left with a sense of guilt and overwhelm.
*Any and all decisions/plans rooted in guilt.
*It makes me“look good”and I am not talking about your butt in those jeans.
*This resolution will finally fix me! This resolution will finally be my ticket to happiness.
*I have to do this all on my own!
*It sounds good but something about it doesn’t feel good.  There is a subtle and quite “no” (that’s your heart quietly speaking up!).
*A decision rooted in self-judgment.

Your Heart:
*There is a sense of patience.
*The plan feels healthy, supportive and solid.
*You feel a sense of calm and readiness (fear is normal when we grow. It’s the ego’s way of saying, “hey, stay small…it’s not safe out there!”)
*It feels loving!
*It may be quieter, gentler and more graceful, even if it is challenging.
*When your plan is challenged, you deal with yourself nicely. You persevere and proceed gently because it feels important to you.
*The decision feels inspiring and even joyful!
*The plan feels doable!
*You may have a sense of relief!
*You acknowledge your plan may require support from someone else.
*A decision rooted in self-care and love.

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If you want your Resolution to last, make sure it is coming from the right place.

Ask your heart first?

With Love,

Andrea Telfer